Run run run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’M THE GINGERBREAD MAN! Or babe 🙂

This look was so detailed and tedious! Took about 6 hours. It is inspired by one of my favorite creators @khaleesiisaa!

Definitely had to glue down the brows for this one. I then drew out all of the bigger details like where the frosting would go, and the skull lines.

I filled in the brown first so I could cover the largest areas and have it done with. Now, usually I would do details first and then fill in after, but this look had way too many details that would be impossible for me.

I went in with a dark brown for the smaller features and also filled in the teeth and forehead white.

For the frosting I used 3D Gel. It was very goopy, but once dry, I could paint it white. I actually painted it while it was still a bit sticky (RIP to that brush lol), and then added the neon rhinestones to look like sprinkles.

The rhinestones alone took a whole hour! I painted on the rest of them.

Then I just took my time and added the little white details, with some mess ups inbetween.

I also added one of my cute bracelets as a headband!

I am wearing black contacts, but I do not have Sclera lenses yet so I edited the rest of my eyes 🙂


Paint/3D Gel: Mehron

Rhinestones: Lets Slay Cosmetics

Headband: Touchstone by Swarovski


This babe has some nuts to crack….LOL…Bad joke much?

I actually love how she came out! Nutcracker makeup has been trending, it was not on my initial list but I thought I would give it a whirl.

Everything is paint except for my eyeshadow and the stars.

I began with a brown and white smoky eye. Then I brought the white all the way down and out toward my nose. I was a little unhappy with the shape but I re-did it a few times and was over it, haha.

I glued my brows down so that when I went over them with brow liner it would look more textured like wood.

I went ahead and put on a full face of foundation and powder contour like I normally would. I went in with a bright pink and red eyeshadow for my cheeks.

I took a really small detail brush and made wood lines all over my face.

Then I outlined my outfit. I kept looking up inspo pictures and I used the most popular/simple design that I kept seeing. Added stars for fun.

Popped on my lashes and contacts, I am here for it!!!


Paint: Mehron

Shadow: Jeffree Star Orgy, Jawbreaker

Contacts: TTD EYE

Brows: NYX Lift & Snatch


Evil Elfie is NOT an elf you want on your shelf this Christmas season. I think you can tell why!

This look all I really used was paint! I set a base of my regular makeup down with some blush and then I outlined the eyes and outfit and filled it all in.

I used a toothbrush and dark red paint to get the blood spatter and also used some dark red shadow for shading.

Added some blood in the nose, because you know, killing is stressful.


Paint/Stage Blood: Mehron

Frostbite Elsa

The cold never bothered me anyway……just today!

ELSA! One of my most favorite Disney characters. Obviously I had to put a twist on her, and what better than the one thing she is not afraid of?

I got my frostbite ideas from Mykie! Also one of my favorite youtuber’s.

I started with the glam makeup. I used a very light foundation and then covered my lids with a dark purple. For my lips I used a hot pink, I will post a glam shot at the end so you can see the difference in colors. I added face sprinkles to my eyes with lashes and that was pretty much it.

For the frostbite I took liquid latex and put it in random spots that I thought would look best. I did three layers. Then I picked out holes in each patch. Once that was all dry I covered all of the patches with black eyeshadow and filled in the holes with red eyeshadow.

Looking at the photo now, I like it but next time I will use blood.

I then took a teal eyeshadow and drew veins all over with a tiny detail brush.

The ice is rock candy. This part took FOREVER! It was so difficult getting the sugar to stick with the liquid latex.

I stuck the candy to my brows (after gluing them down!!!!), lashes, under my nose, tear ducts, and lips. I literally could hardly move to film or take photos because they kept falling off lol!


Jeffree Star: Beauty Killer, Blood Sugar, Jawbreaker, Velvet Trap – Hot Commodity

Designer Dust Co.: Face Sprinkles

Mehron: Body Paint

Spirit Halloween: Liquid Latex

Spooky Eyes: Contacts


This look was……time consuming lol. I got the idea from Agnis Gore, check her out. I had absolutely no idea where to start with the christmas lights!

The first thing I did was paint black likes where I knew I wanted the lights to go. The I took liquid latex and cotton and layered those on the top and bottom of each line. This took a very long time to dry.

Once dry, I added foundation to the cotton so it would match my skin color, I then did some bruise shading with red and purple on top and around the edges. I used the same colors on my eyes. Looking at this look now, next time I would do a pretty glam look. I was going for a strangled look though.

Then came the lights. Maneuvering them was pretty difficult. I had the idea of cotton and liquid latexing them down, but I knew that was not going to work. I ended up literally wrapping them around my head like how it is “supposed” to look. Don’t worry, it wasn’t TOO tight haha!

I did cotton and liquid latex down two spots that kept sticking up. That was a battle. I think if I had an assistant fort this look it would have came out a bit better.

When I finally got the lights to stay in a decent spot, I added scab blood all around, also covering up any imperfections in my shading. I also added stage blood to drip effect.

Now, I had to work FAST with filming and taking photos because the lights were getting hot! I don’t know why I was surprised but it was just something I didn’t think about. An interesting experience to say the least.


Shadow: Jeffree Star Artistry Palette

Paint/Stage Blood: Mehron

Scab Blood: Ben Nye

Liquid Latex: Spirit Halloween

Lashes: Ardell

Candy Cane

I had to do another candy cane look this year because my last one was so popular! Rhinestones are the trend right now, so I wanted to also add those in.

I started with the glam look first using a few different red shadows and white in the cut crease.

I broke my candy cane in half, I tried to lick the end to make it sharper but I got impatient so this is how it looks haha. I covered the bottom half in liquid latex and cotton and then added a layer of liquid latex to my face. This was a process because I had to keep adding layers of each and wait for it to dry in between.

While that dried, I tackled the rhinestones. I knew I wouldn’t be able to move so I added my wig and hat and blood so when I finished I could just take photos and film.

The rhinestones, I just cut how many rows I wanted and stuck them on my chest. I couldn’t move a muscle because they would fall off! I tried to get the strips into a candy cane pattern the best I could!


Eyes: Jeffree Star Blood Sugar

Lashes: Ardell

Liquid Latex: Spirit Halloween

Blood: Ben Nye

Rhinestones: Hobby Lobby

Do you want to build a Snowman?

Evil Snowman at your service! I am thinking I want to build one in my front yard to scare all the neighborhood kids LOL. This look was inspired by @fancyflutie, check her out!

I began with drawing my outline of the eyes, nose, mouth and chest. I absolutely despise doing white bases! I didn’t really have a choice seeing this is a snowman look haha. So, I got that over with first.

Then I filled in all of the black, then the scarf. I used a light and dark blue to shade foe this look and also added a royal blue to give the eyes a little more dimension.

I would like to learn a better way to do this style of eye. I am not a fan of my version so I will keep you updated about how I can find another tool for that.


Paint: Mehron

Shading: Jeffree Star Jawbreaker, Cremated

Lashes: Spirit Halloween

Contacts: TTD EYE **Whites of eyes are edited as I do not have sclera lenses yet**

The..the..the..the..THE GRINCH

I am actually obsessed with how this came out. I literally could not decide between doing a Glam Grinch and a creepy bodypaint Grinch. I went with Glam because I want to practice that part of my skill set a bit more, boiiii I am glad I did! I got inspo from @illumin_arty (Tiffany) from Glow Up. She is amazing!

I started by painting my face all green and set that with SFX powder. Then I drew out the nose first because I wanted to be able to see where I was going to place the face wrinkles. I used a green eyeshadow that was a little darker than my paint for this so I could easily blend it in if I messed up.

Then, with an even darker green shadow, I did some of the shading and also went over the lines with black shadow to give it more depth. Then last were the white highlights to make it all pop.

On to the glam, I used a dark green eyeshadow for my base color and shaped it in a wing like shape. Then I blended it with black shadow to darken it up. I went in for the kill and decided to do a gold cut crease. I cut my crease with concealer and then packed on some gold glittler shadow. I used a liquid liner to finish up the top lid.

These lashes, UGH I LOVE THEM! I got them from Spirit Halloween on 50% off day and I wish I bought more. They are perfect for this look! I also added a set of more natural falsies on the bottom so my eyes would be even more dramatic.

The lips are a Velvet Trap Lipstick by Jeffree Star, I never used it before. The shade is Hot Commodity. I think it really brought the whole glam idea together.

Added my Wig, Hat, and Scarf wit the contacts and there you have it. Glam Grinch!


Paint – Mehron

All Shadow – Jeffree Star Cosmetics (Blood Money, Jawbreaker, Cremated)

Lips – Jeffree Star Cosmetics (Velvet Trap in shade Hot Commodity)

Contacts – TTD EYE

Lashes – Spirit Halloween

Highlighter – Jeffree Star Cosmetics (Extreme Frost in shade Sour Ice)


Meet Cleopatra, then AND NOW!

This was my first time trying out an eyeliner look, lets just say thank god I didn’t have to do both eyes! Lol!

I put down a gold base and blended a very light brown in the crease. Then II used my liquid brushstroke liner from MAC to do my wing and the little designs.

For the mummy side, I started by drawing out those damn teeth. I painted and shaded them in. Then I took cotton and liquid latex to add some texture to my decomposing skin. When that was dry, I took a dark brown eyeshadow and a small eyeshadow brush and did circular motions all over. I then topped that with brown and black paint. But I stippled all of that on with a sponge. I added some red spatter for…… fun 🙂

Then I just painted on my neck piece, added a contact, wig and head piece!


Paint: Mehron

Eyeshadow: Jeffree Star Androgyny

Eyeliner: MAC

Head Piece: Universal Studios (The Mummy Ride)

Jagged O’ Lantern

This is my pumpkin look! I wanted to do an evil looking Jack O’ Lantern and she definitely looks evil.

I began with drawing out where I wanted the eyes, nose and mouth with a lip liner. I only did a rough outline because the edges are something I had to just do over the orange paint.

I painted the orange all over and left spaces for the black. When I filled in the black parts I randomly added extra lines everywhere. At first it looked really weird but then I got the hang of it and it started to look like the shape I wanted.

I used a dark orange eyeshadow to shade all around the black and make pumpkin looking lines. Originally I did not have black in the lines but I am glad I added them because it looks more prominent.

For the neck I just kinds winged it. I didn’t really know what I was going for lol. Then I thought my chest was too bare so I stippled Brown, Orange and Black paint all over. I like how that came out. Made me want to do a scarecrow look!

I added black contacts for a finishing touch!


Paint: Mehron

Shading: Jeffree Star Jaw Breaker

Contacts: TTD EYE


This look was SO MUCH FUN! I have been so over worked and tired lately that I fell behind on my 31 Days of Halloween makeup and actually ran out of pre-filmed looks. So I was freaking out a bit and was a little discouraged and annoyed at myself. I decided to sleep it off one day and then just pull an all-nighter, and bitch I’m BACK!

This Zombae is inspired by one of Raychel Roll’s looks. She did a half face and I decided to go full on all coverage.

I began by drawing out my spots, lines and teeth with a lip liner. Then I filled in all of the red and shaded it.

I left my eyes and eyebrows untouched so I could get whatever true color I decided to go with in the moment.

I was not too happy about my brows. I decided not to glue them down and to use my natural shape and quickly regretted it BUT it doesn’t look horrible. So, eh.

Before doing all of the green, I tackled the teeth. Teeth are not getting easier yet! I still need more practice. Look out for some teeth looks in the near future LOL!

Once I had all my details painted and shaded, I added the green. This took a pretty large hunk of time going around all of the details, but that method is so worth it.

Then I just added random contouring and lots of shading with a dark green eyeshadow!


Paint: Mehron

Shading/Eyes: Jeffree Star Blood Money

Lips: Jeffree Star Redrum VLL

Tate Langdon

Another AHS moment here, Tate! One of my other fave characters. Season 1 Murder House.

This look is ICONIC from that season. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know that the makeup is MUCH more intricate than what I did here. I knew that I could not replicate the neck on this look, so I just tried to do a simple version.

This will also be on my re-do list LOL

I used a lip liner to outline the eyes, nose and mouth. Then filled it all in with a black paint and set with black eyeshadow.

For the teeth, I did not connect the lines with paint. I used a tiny brush and some eyeshadow just to lightly make a shadow until I got a tooth shape.


Paint: Mehron

Eyeshadow: Jeffree Star Cremated

The Angry Princess

13 Ghosts

Who doesn’t love 13 Ghosts? In my opinion, one of the best movies out there. This look was not on my list until I had watched the movie last week. I may think of doing a 13 Ghosts Saga and doing all 13 of them. We will see!

I did all of the slashes first. Using my favorite method of liquid latex and cotton! Sometimes I do not like how the edges look with this method but I am all out of scar wax so this is what we get!

I painted the middles with dark red paint and then outlined them with purple and red eyeshadow. I like how the purple looks so I used more of that. Then I went over it with a tiny bit of black.

For my gray base, I painted that on with a sponge in a dabbing motion. I like how my chest is not “full coverage” that gives it some dimension. For more dimension I also dabbed black and gray eyeshadow all over. The eyes are a simple black eyeshadow smudged all over and the lips are the same except red. Now, I should have cleaned up the gray and then did my lips because as you can see, my lips are red and the smudges are purple from mixing with the gray but ya girl got a little lazy. IM SORRY! But if I do the 13 Ghosts collection I will totally add her in 🙂


Paint: Mehron

Liquid Latex: Spirit Halloween

Shadow: Jeffree Star Blood Sugar, Cremated

Contacts: TTD EYE



Have you noticed a re-occurring theme in my looks yet? AHS AGAIN! This time from Coven. Cordelia gets scorched with acid burns in and around her eyes and obviously I had to re create that.

I used Mehron’s 3D Gel for the first time for this. I’ll tell you right now that I used it wrong. I actually heated it up the slightest too much, so it would not completely dry. That is why it is so shiny, I couldn’t put powder over the stickiness.

BUT, it’s okay, it still looks awesome.

After heating up my gel (too much lol) I took my metal spatula and started just dripping it where I wanted. When some parts started to dry I would make little holes in the gel for dimension.

For the holes, I used a crème paint from a zombie kit from Spirit Halloween.

From that same kit I used a dark yellowish brown color and tapped it over the whole thing to give it that nasty burn look.

I did the bottom half of my face with regular makeup and my favorite Jeffree Star VLL in shade Hidden Hills. And also added the contacts!

I am very happy with these results.


3D Gel: Mehron

Zombie Paint: Spirit Halloween

Lips: Jeffree Star VLL – Hidden Hills

Contacts: TTD EYE


I had to pay homage to one of the greatest actors/characters of all time….RIP Sid Haig.

Captain Spaulding is one of Rob Zombie’s most iconic characters and also one of my FAVES!

I outlined my eyes and where I would put the eyebrows as well. Then, I set down the white base.

Honestly this look was pretty easy because if you know Captain Spaulding, you know that his facepaint was never “perfect.”

I glued my brows down to camouflage them a bit and then filled in all of my extras. I added the blood spatter, well if you don’t know, go watch.

Then I tried to replicate my favorite picture of him!


All Body Paint: Mehron

Shading: Jeffree Star X Morphe


Michael Myers

The OG! In light of the brand new movie that just came out, I decided to base this look off of the newest Michael Myers mask from Halloween Kills.

I started off with liquid latex. I took a little sponge and dabbed it all over that one side of my face. While I waited for that to dry, I worked on the cut on the other side of my face and glued my brows down. I took two small pieces of cotton and used liquid latex to adhere. I also covered it with liquid latex. Waited for all to thoroughly dry.

When dry, I took my metal spatula and started making a bunch of holes and rips in the latex. This gave it a “burnt mask” type look. Then, I took a sponge with some white paint and covered my whole face.

Once my whole face and neck area were covered in white, I did some contouring on my cheeks, chin, nose, and mouth to make it look more like the mask. I just had a photo reference of the mask that I was going for.

I took an eyeshadow brush and went over all of the latex with a black eyeshadow. It didn’t show up as much as I wanted it to so I ended up taking a fan brush with black paint and making light X’s all over that side. I love how that looked, I did the same with a gold paint as well. I filled in the cut with red paint and also spoolied brown and dark green paint everywhere! And some red on the neck. I am really happy with how this look came out!


Paint: Mehron

Shadow: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Liquid Latex: Spirit Halloween


Originally, I was going to do a classic Frankenstein look, but this day I felt like using glitter. A simpler look of mine, but also glamourous!

I began with outlining the scars so I could go in with my green base. I like to do my base after mapping out the details so I can paint around them.

I filled in the red first and then used a sponge for the green base. The sponge takes much longer than using a brush, but the coverage is so much better and non-streaky.

My original plan was to use latex and attach real staples to my face but it was just not working out. I got extremely frustrated and decided to just paint on cartoon looking ones!

I used a gel glitter over my red paint in the openings and I love how that looks!

Added contacts and the fitting wig!


Paint: Mehron

Shadow: Jeffree Star Cremated

Face Sprinkles: Designer Dust Co.

Contacts: TTD EYE


One of the most unsettling horror movies in my opinion! Especially because it is set in 2022…….

ANYWAYS, this was a fun look to do, I actually used a tutorial by MADEULOOK on youtube. It was very helpful!

I put on my regular foundation first, and darkened it with some contour powder. Then I drew the circles around my eyes and filled them in with light brown eyeshadow. I then used a dark brown eyeshadow to give the circles more depth, and also a little bit of black too.

When I was happy with the eyes, I began the mouth. I painted my whole bottom lip plus a little extra, white for the teeth. Then I outlined the outside of that white with a pinkish colored blush and drew out a new mouth. I used my whole top lip and also over lined that.

Then comes the contouring. LOTS of contouring lol you have to look at a mask and see where you want the contours. They have a defined mouth line and big cheeks. So first, I did a light layer of eyeshadow to map it all out, then went in with a darker brown to fill it all in. I also added dark gray.

I used a dark brown shadow to cover some parts of mu face to differ from the skin tone of my chest, more mask-like.

I added blood spatter with red paint and a spoolie!


Paint: Mehron

Eye Shadow: Jeffree Star Orgy

Blush: MAC

Machete: Spirit Halloween


Well, Well, Well……

Oogie Boogie was fun to make because I got to sing his song the whole time! Such a jam.

To start this look, I began with a white base. Then from there I used about a million different shades of brown eyeshadow. This took a WHILE! Getting that burlapy look with a little eyeshadow blending brush is not the easiest thing BUT, it got me the results I was looking for.

Oh yeah, before I painted on the white I outlined my eyes and mouth and what not.

When I was finished I took a bunch of photos and was finishing up my TikToks,it dawned on me, I NEED TO ADD GLOW IN THE DARK SHIT! Luckily, I had some neon pigments and I flicked those all over me. I love how this part of the look turned out.

I was going to add more but I did not want to take away from the look as a whole. Just a twist on it!


All Body Paint: Mehron

All Shading: Jeffree Star

Neon Pigments: Makeup A Murder


The Pumpkin King

This is Halloweeeeeeeen! I love love love how this look came out, Mr. Jack Skellington.

I drew out where I wanted the eyes, neck, and bow tie to go with white eyeliner (after gluing my brows down). I went in with the white paint first. I like to do black last because I can always fix and imperfections from the white or be able to change the shapes that were made.

After setting the white I filled in my eyes with black, then shading. I used a dark gray for shading so it was not too harsh.

The chest took most of my time. It took me a few minutes to figure out the illusion part and where to place the black paint other than my neck. I don’t do a lot of illusions so I had to look up some references. It worked out though!

I was happy that Jack’s outfit didn’t have perfect lines because that would have taken me two days to finish! Imperfect Tim Burton lines is more my thing.


All Body Paint: Mehron

All Shading: Jeffree Star X Morphe

Contacts: TTD EYE