American Idiot

The inspiration for this look came to me while jamming in my car to some Green Day! This is my version of “American Idiot.” This song also aged pretty well so…

I began with gluing my brows down. As usual. Then I started with the stars. This was the hardest part because I CANT DRAW STARS! I took a screen shot of a star on my phone, then traced it on a post it note, then cut it out to make my own stencil. There was no way I could draw that many stars and they would look good lol.

I filled in all of the stars with white paint and then painted the blue around it. I did this because if I put down the blue first then the stars would have been extremely muted and I wouldn’t have been able to get them so white.

Then I drew out the mouth. I had to outline the teeth because I needed to know where my stripes were going.

I still hate drawing teeth. I don’t feel like I am good at it yet. I keep doing them because I need to practice. So sorry for my shitty teeth looks LOL.

Once that was laid out I drew my stripes. Filled in the red and the white. Well, white first because if I mess up then that’s easier to fix.

After that was all filled in I filled in my eyes and the teeth and then did my shading outlines, added bloody tears. And put in my contacts.






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