Unicorn…With a Twist

I don’t usually do “pretty” looks. If you know what I mean. Especially not unicorns. So. Here is my unicorn look:

Before I show you the twist, let’s talk about how I got this look.

First I contoured my whole face in pink eyeshadow. Originally I started with paint but it was too harsh. After I did the pink I outlined it with purple. And then went in with a light blue. I came to find that I got this cotton candy colored look. I liked it!

I continued to do my eyes and blend blend blend!

My neck was looking bare so I was like well what goes with unicorns? Rainbows. Duh. I outlined my rainbow in white paint. Drew my color separation lines where I wanted them. Then I filled them in with each color. It’s okay if it doesn’t look perfect because at the end you will outline it. After coloring in I outlined the lines in silver. Then in silver I drew the cloud. After setting my colors and they were dry I drew and filled in the cloud right over it. Pretty easy.

Now for the twist.

Now as you might have noticed before, I did not have a horn. This is because I couldn’t find one at the store and I tried to make one and failed miserably. Very frustrating. But now I turned in this pretty look to something morbid and horrid!

I took red eyeshadow and outlined my eyes and also drew tear like shapes and the shape of a circle where my horn would be. I then got out my handy dandy scab blood and traced over the circle and added some to my eyes and lips. After that I just took a wet paint brush, since my paint is water activated, and scribbled across my chest. That part was fun. And that’s it! It was fun messing up the look I made up!


EYESHADOW: Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Palette





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