Edward Scissorhands

This look actually took longer than you may think!

I glues down my brows to start to they can set. Then I took a white eyeliner and marked out where I wanted all of the scars. I just used a photo of Johnny Depp from the movie as my reference.

Then I took out the Scar Wax! Scar Wax is SUPER sticky so you have to use Vaseline to roll it up and work with it in your hands. What I do is, put one layer of Liquid Latex where I will be putting the wax so it has something to stick to.

This took FOREVER! Lol! But it came out how I wanted it to. When I was done with the scars, I took the lightest foundation I have and dabbed that all over my whole face and neck, because he is pale. Then I began the eyes.

I just used a black eyeshadow, only a tiny bit on my brush to map out the shape. Then I covered it with a brown shadow. Brought it down to my under eyes to get that sunken in baggy look.

I also used the brown shadow for the middle of my lips and just blended that. No lashes or anything crazy because I wanted this look to be more like the movie, not costume.

And obviously I had to get the actual scissorhands!!!


Scar Wax: Ben Nye

Liquid Latex: Spirit Halloween

Eyeshadow: Jeffree Star X Morphe

Scissorhands: Spirit Halloween

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